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Wind turbines in Grampound: update

The turbine on Grampound Hill just east of the village is the 50kw Endurance turbine installed by local farmer, Richard Bray. See previous story.

This turbine is unrelated to the planning application that was granted in September 2011 for 2 large turbines of approximately 2MW capacity each on Garlenick estate land further to the east. Over the past year, Airvolution has been collecting the site specific information available to help confirm the maximum energy output the site is capable of achieving. It has decided to submit a revised planning application to Cornwall Council to increase the total tip height of the turbines from the approved 100 metres, to 110 metres. The visual impact of this height increase will be small, but will enable a significantly larger electricity output of nearly 25%. 

Because of the confidence that Airvolution now has on the predicted output, it has agreed to increase the contribution to the community benefit fund also by 25%. This means that, should the revised application be approved by Cornwall Council, the annual contribution to the community fund would be £15,000 per annum (indexed) instead of £12,000 p.a.

For further details, see Airvolution website for the Garlenick project.

Meanwhile, there is also an application in the planning system for a 500kw turbine on land at Penans Farm on the south side of the A390. This should be determined by Cornwall Council in the near future.


November 2012

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